Friday, 4 March 2011


Very excited to be part of a group show at Oblong Gallery in London this month.

Invitation photo credit, JH Engström

1000 Words Magazine featured the exhibition on their blog, HERE

Also, Diane Smyth has written about The Letting Go in The British Journal of Photography, March issue...

Thanks to all of have helped and supported the exhibition. It is a beautiful, sumptuous show of subjective photography.

Here is an introduction to The Letting Go...

The Letting Go is a personal and confessional series of photographs, portraits and self-portraits. The series explores my need to reveal something personal as part of, not only a healing process, but a need to move on and push forward.
I am dealing with my own and others' perceptions of me. Insecurities and preconceptions are laid bare. Through working with many different people during the project so far I have had some extraordinary experiences. Each photograph has a very personal and - for me - fascinating story behind it. Moving me through a passage of unearthing lost joys and clarities long since hemmed in by life, social pressure and personal experiences. My photographic ideas and private notions have been challenged and developed. Becoming the submissive during a photo shoot, trusting others and allowing self-portraiture to tell the story of a critical shift. A vulnerable yet empowering moment. My lack of control through many of the situations created with others has allowed me to let go and open up to a new dawn of life and photography.

© Laura Hynd