Saturday, 14 January 2012


I photographed the beautiful gardens and house, Bedwell Lodge, on Cucumber Lane in 2008. As I arrived, I knew it belonged to Stephen Daldry, but wasn't expecting to be greeted by Jamie Bell and his beautiful girlfriend, Alexa Davalos.

Welcomed in to a home filled with higgledy piggledy character and warmth, dining with lovely people and waking the next day to capture dawn, was a wonderful way to spend 24 hours in June. When I showed Stephen the contacts he immediately invited me back... I want more and I want them all in a book!

So, I went back in August and then was subsequently invited back as a friend. On one of these visits, Jamie and Alexa had arrived from New York that morning. Another friend prepared the evening meal and just awoken from a snooze, Alexa came down to join us for dinner.

After food, wine and conversation I photographed Alexa with my SX70. Resting the camera on the table as I knew the dim light would force a long exposure, I warned her that this may take some time.

She was still for at least 10 seconds and looks like the most beautiful woman in the world.

May 2009

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Below is my contribution to the Naked Muse calendar, in response to the poem, Swan, by Polly Clark...


I thought that it was you
turning to me for an instant
from the blindness of the water,

a pure white question
with its underwater dream in tow
softening the stones at my feet.

I thought that it was you
and if not you, then love itself
tacking perfectly towards me,

rocking in its own beauty,
the circles backing out
like people not quite believing.

Wild Women Press, a poetry and literature organisation in Cumbria, asked female photographers to help raise money and awareness of Diabetes in children. Each photographer collaborated with a male poet to create an image for exhibition and calendar. 

Preview of the calendar HERE
And buy it HERE

Poem by Polly Clark
Male poet (muse) Segun Lee-French

Vik and Adam Clark, who have produced the calendar, organised two exhibitions and a silent auction, are inspired by their young son, Django, who has Diabetes Type One.

The exhibition will be moving to London in February. I will keep you informed.

Everyone who has helped with this project has done so for free so it really would be wonderful if you would support the cause by buying a calendar or donating. Thank you! x

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Swan by Polly Clark
from Take Me With You (Bloodaxe Books, 2005)