Wednesday, 20 October 2010


By way of a little introduction, here is a small part of a film my Grandad made in the summer of 1947. Age 27, he was holidaying with his parents in their small hut in Glendevon, Scotland, and decided to make a film of their time there. He spotted a beautiful local girl and asked her mother's permission to have her in his film.

This is a small snippet, with both my Grandma and Grandad in the summer they met.

Summer 2010, Grandad died. We took his ashes to Glendevon, now a very special place for our whole family.

I saw my Grandma cry for the first time

Please do not reproduce the film, or music. Thank you.
Piano music played by Evan Lynn He played beautifully, but was suffering from severe dementia when this was recorded. Recorded and edited by Simon Hynd.

Friday, 1 October 2010


I suppose it is like sucking your thumb, but instead of getting any digits involved my tongue just slides back and pushes on the roof of my mouth.

This is a pretty strange personal admission, that probably shouldn't be shared. But hey. The thing is, this next set of photographs are not only inspired by this strange bodily function (!!), I took them purely to express it.

You see, the tongue thing is an unconscious expression of contentment. It is involuntary and occasionally embarrassing. It happens several times a day and is triggered by softness, tiredness, joy, taking photographs, painting, music and being lost in a daydream or being engrossed in concentration.

So I set myself a small project last week to intimately illustrate some of the things and feelings involved.

Shot on my Hasselblad 500CM with a digital back attached (got it out of the cupboard to practice for a trip to Fez later on this month). Also shot with an extension tube on my 80 lens. Hand held and uncropped.

Here they are...